Our Exclusive Services

At Civanca, we help our clients tackle pressing challenges across 6 different verticals: Innovation & Digital Transformation, Risk Management, Human Resources Management & Organizational Change, Marketing, International Business Development and ESG Strategy. We understand that SMEs often face multidimensional issues. Our agile approach, combined with our global network of independent consultants, allows us to identify connections across different domains and offer our clients bespoke solutions that drive positive, measurable change.

1. Innovation & Digital Transformation


Innovation is not new. However, as the pace of change in the business world continues to accelerate, remaining ahead of trends in the digital domain is key to success. Digital transformation fundamentally changes how organizations operate and deliver value to customers and requires bringing about a cultural change. As such, successful digital transformation requires businesses to push beyond what feels comfortable, learn from intelligent risk-taking, and deliver ongoing innovation.

Drawing upon the technological expertise of our global network of independent consultants, we will guide you through changes that need to be made to bridge your digital capability gaps. Our approach is based on collaboration and brings together the technological, organizational, and ethical dimensions of digital transformation. We will work alongside you to incorporate innovation into your business, leveraging the latest technologies to align your business model with best practices and achieve long-term growth.

2. Risk Management

risk management

In the current business environment, building resilience is key to long-term success. In turn, risk management is key to building resilience, as it informs decision-making and moves strategy from formulation to successful execution.

At Civanca, we recognize that risk management and decision-making is just as much about people as it is about processes and capabilities. As such, we help our clients manage financial, regulatory, and operational risks by adopting a multidisciplinary approach, turning challenges into opportunities.

Our cross-disciplinary, tailored approach integrates and improves forecasting and reporting, optimizes management control, and prioritizes value creation opportunities in a roadmap through analytic and strategic tools. We remove the pain and accelerate your company’s journey.

3. Human Resources Management & Organizational Change

human resources & org change

In the context of a turbulent macroeconomic climate, it is important that SMEs prioritise and allocate resources towards human resources management. Given the rapidly evolving nature of today’s business climate, developing a strategic approach to organisational change is key to sustaining competitive advantage and achieving long-term growth.

We recognise the impact of budgetary constraints on resources allocated to human resources management and seek to offer you cost-effective strategies to maximise the productivity of your workforce. Our talent management model will enable you to align your human capital strategy with your social responsibility goals and overall culture. If you are seeking to transform your business at any level, our multidisciplinary teams will work with you to consider the structural, technological, and cultural dimensions of any organisational change, ensuring that it achieves its intended objectives.

4. Marketing

Marketing charts

In an increasingly well-connected world, understanding and building long-term relationships with your customers is essential. With market research and analysis shaping the direction and promotion of companies, marketing is at the crux of creating an effective roadmap and establishing strategic approaches.

At Civanca, we leverage emerging technologies to elevate your marketing and enhance your brand and media creativity. We draw upon a unique customer-oriented and value-creating commercial approach to strengthen your message and create a visual identity and campaign that exemplifies your company. We put our clients at the forefront of this process, allowing you to co-create strategies, find your voice, and better establish your brand within the industry. It’s all about helping your business develop an effective digital communication strategy that improves your competitive position and supports sustainable growth.

5. International Business Development

international business development

With globalisation at the heart of today’s ever-changing markets, international business is at the forefront, impacting people, the planet and profits. At Civanca, our multifaceted experience spans three continents and covers private as well as public sectors, bridging the gap between digital capabilities and expanding your business ecosystem.

Our network aspires to navigate the international landscape for you by implementing a unique assessment of the market; leveraging knowledge, connecting you with ground-breaking solutions from world-leading research in business and technology, and delivering sustainable value. At Civanca, we empower you to create the business you want.

6. ESG Strategy

In today’s business world, the  environmental, social and governance (ESG) efforts are being brought to the forefront of strategy. Investors, customers and governments are increasingly implementing ESG frameworks and credentials to inform their decision-making.

The employment of ESG standards has seen substantial growth within economic evaluation and indicates the shift to a more transparent and environmental global strategy. This interconnection of sustainability, profitability and growth is at the crux in achieving companies’ purposes and value creation.