Civanca is grateful for what has been achieved in 2022. And equally excited about growing with all its clients and partners in 2023!

In 2022, we were pleased to join the ranks of companies registered to provide specialized consulting services to agricultural producers in Québec.

We wanted to share in this report a case study of some work conducted for one of our AgriTech client who recently got in touch.

Today’s agribusiness lenders must be equipped to understand client needs in order to make sound credit and business decisions. In turn, agribusiness owners want to build financial acumen and provide financial information to current and potential lenders.

Generally speaking, financial statements are used to assess profitability and to plan for the next year. Banks, financial institutions and some government-sponsored organisations also use them as a condition of their financing. 

We assisted the client in preparing the financial information required for borrowing purposes.

We are now able to support our client in areas including:

  • Assessment of agribusiness lending opportunities
  • Recognizing how the accounting practices and financial statements of agribusinesses differ from those of commercial enterprises
  • Performing sensitivity analyses to determine how deviations from projected performance might impact credit risk
  • Cash-flow planning and financial scorecard for the agribusiness  
Our client utilizes an innovative Québec-developed technology through horizontal rotary cultivation to optimize the plant production cycle while limiting water consumption and energy losses.
Indeed, various technologies have continually evolved making use of less land to grow more crops. For example, AI has improved a wide range of agriculture-related tasks in the entire food supply chain.
Thus, we were in a position to advise our client to better understand the current challenges such as food safety and traceability, environmental impact, manufacturing performance as well as the solutions available to them.
If you want to know more about the case study or discuss the range of services offered to our agribusinesses, please do not hesitate to contact us